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Orochimaru's Agenda: A New World Awaits!
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[anime] Kaleidoscope Eyes
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22nd-Feb-2010 11:16 am - PLOT - Konoha
There has been some unusual activity in the past 24 hours. ANBU teams have been sent out at the crack of down, trying to get them deployed before dawn so that the majority of the village wouldn't know.

Only people at this point who know what is going on are those ANBU teams.
3rd-Aug-2009 09:48 pm - Plot Update
cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery
And it is finally time! The limited attack on Konoha's defenses begins August 4th.


Direct participants:


Madara's orders for the attack were delivered to the Akatsuki on July 27th, though at this point the only member that would know for sure he was the instigator of the attack is Pain. A starting post will be posted in oa_logs as soon as it is technically the 4th.
27th-Jun-2009 01:08 am - EVENT SUMMARY - KONOHA
sucks to be you
Tonight at approximately 10:17 (June 26) a solo member of the akatsuki by the name of Kakuzu (for those that would know that) infiltrated Konoha.

The native version of Kamizuki Izumo was taken by the Akatsuki memeber and a fight ensued with SEBU operative Umino Iruka, Konoha Jounin Hatake Kakashi, and newly arrived resident ANBU in another Konoha Yamaka Ino. Before ANBU arrived, but Iruka and Kakashi were injured and Izumo was killed by Kakuzu. Before morning the blood was cleaned off of the Hokage monument, but the information the man had been pinned to Tuande's face while the monument was decorated with intestines and blood would be well known.
7th-Jun-2009 08:51 pm - OOC Note - Upcoming plot
There is an upcoming event that will happen in Konoha involving an Akatsuki attack.

The attack is scheduled for June 24th and will something everyone will quickly know about when it happens, so we will want to have it fleshed out by then.

Essentially the plot is a case of mistaken identity where a hit against mabu!izumo end up potentially killing nk!izumo instead.

Anyone intereted, please reply to this post and I will work with people to try to get as many people as want to be involved involved in some way. however, it is just a Akatsuki hit so it isn't going to be a huge epic battle.
2nd-May-2009 12:20 am - Activity Check 4/1/09
sucks to be you
Reminder - The new day for activity checks will be Tuesdays. For the Thanksgiving holiday, The next check will not be until the Tuesday AFTER thanksgiving

Reminder: You must make a journal posting every 2 weeks or you will be placed on the near warning list. After three weeks you will be put on the warning list, and after four weeks considered a drop for inactivity.

If there are ANY errors to this, please aim Alex or reply to this post

Nearing Warning

Uchiha Itachi (Native) - mangek_you
Uchiha Sasuke (New Konoha) - riskofhate
Tsunade (Trio) - hime_hokage

The above characters have until 4/08/09 to become more active or they will move on to the Warning List.

On the profile page, characters on hiatus will now have their names in red for easy reference.</font>
OA: Dawn of Ashes
This is just a courtesy heads up that the first activity check of the restructured com will be on Friday April 1st.

Per the com rules:
2. Journals must be updated at least once every two weeks. Being active keeps a comm alive! This will be enforced. If you have to leave for an extended amount of time, inform the mods and make an away post.

This is your chance.

On Friday characters will be put on the first level of warning, giving them one week to post or be put on the second level of warning. If a post is still not made within one week of that time, your character will be considered dropped for inactivity.

While some characters have been very active, some others have been very inactive. Please post to your character's journal. It is how we keep a community alive and active.
OA: Dawn of Ashes
March 20th was like any other day in Konoha. The village was peaceful and as spring took hold of the village, trees started to flower and children played in the parks. Life was going on as if it were any other beautiful spring day until the movements of shinobi became more pronounced as the sun set.

The dark red sun hanging low in the sky haralded in a darker time. Suddenly as night fell, Akatsuki attacked. Lead by their mysterious leader, Pain, blood and the sound of metal on metal filled the air. Then, as suddenly as it started, it was over. The village remained in place, apparently unharmed. A strange Chakra hung over Konoha though, this Konoha was different. It had never experienced the comings and going of other-worldy copied of it's inhabitants. No, the Konoha that had stood here since the founding was gone, in it's place, a new Konoha stood.

For a time, the residents of both this new Konoha and the world around it did not realize the switch. That was the reason Pain retreated, his masterful jutsu to destroy Konoha had failed and the events needed to be analyzed. But, perhaps it did work. Who would know, for that Konoha is gone and a new one has taken it's place. As day dawns on Konoha, the illusion of normalcy will be shattered as the sun shined on different buildings and people, the latest victims of Orochimaru's Agenda.
13th-Mar-2009 07:11 pm - [MOD POST] New Log COmmunity
sucks to be you
Please everyone remeber to join the new log community for logs from NOW forward

sucks to be you
Plot - ongoing Akatsuki plot to obtain all Jinchuriki

Characters potentially effected - ALL

Developement - The Akatsuki have captured the 5 tail. The 5 tail proved more difficult than expected and using it's powers of earthquakes (since no canon powers existed for the 5 tail, we went with the mythological powers) it caused massive destruction up to and including destruction of an Akatsuki base and injuries to Pein.

How this has / will effect characters -

IC!Kabuto - He was freed from the prison cell along with several other prisoners.

Jinchou - where abouts are unknown after this event

IC!Pein - Will be letting himself heal at an undisclosed location after the 5tails extraction

Other Akatsuki - Have orders to search out the missing prisoners. This will cause the likely hood of Akatsuki and non akatsuki encounters. If you wish your character to take part in such, please contact myself or leave a reply to this post, preferably with contact info since my avail is limited with the broken laptop)

ANBU and SEBU (those on recon missions this includes ANBU!Sasuke for sure) - Units will begin reporting back Wednesday about a previously unknown Akatsuki base, it's destruction, and signs that there was a battle with the 5tail. That information will not be public unless someone makes it public. Please contact me if you think your character would know about that once the reports are made. I will make every effort before then to inform those who will know that info for sure.

Other Shinobi - With the earthquake and destruction in Iwa and it NOT having a shinobi village, there will be many more missions. many of these will be of a humanitarian issue. Expect to see a mission listing from someone today.

NOW for the input part

What given the status of this plot, please feel free to reply to this with anything you would like to see from this plot. Mission ideas, character development ideas.

More will be coming from this plot, but it is going to take some time to develop, and as always I would love to hear from you as to what you want. GWP happens because of the desire of the players for it, so tell me what you want to see.

14th-Jun-2008 08:28 am - Chuunin Exam Information June 15th
We want to have this finished up by the 20th

On the 15th, the exams begin as normal.  

The see a bracket of the fight, please see here.

In the morning:
Kono Daiki of Mist from  and Uzumaki Naruto (originally from sound) are the first fight.  After Naruto wins.  The next fight is between Ageda Isamu of Mist and Uzumaki Naruto (from this world).  After Naruto wins that fight.  Uade Yui of Mist and Nakayama Saburou of Cloud which is won by Uada Yui of Mist who progresses to the semi finals where she will face up against Naruto from this world.  

Then Uchiha Sasuke from this world fights Kaneko Naoki of Cloud.  He wins this fight advancing to the semi finals.  Then Takeuchi Kiko from Cloud battles against Uzumaki Naruto who had won his extra battle earlier in the day.  Naruto wins this fight as well, advancing to the semi finals to face off against Sasuke.

In the afternoon:
The Semi finals are scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM.  The fight between Uzumaki Naruto and Uada Yui begins at 1:15.    This is interupted at 1:27 when everything goes very chaotic.

Please see this post who who is where. If your character is not on the list but needs to be contact me.

It is up to the participants in a section to decide if they are using threads, logs, or just an OOC hashing out to explain what happens.  Please reply to the appropriate mod started psot with either the thread, a link to the log(s) or a breif description of what happens.

In the Arena
Hidan attacks IC!Naruto
Pein is hidden in the Lightning Country delegation and attacks the kages
Deidara attacks Participant gallery

Jinchou is abducted
IC!Kabuto is abducted - no log
ANBU HQ is attacked

At 1:42 a strange chakra phemomena happens and the attack is called off as quickly as it was begun.  At this point IC!Tsunade appears in the Arena.

This is the OOC post for WHERE everyone will be for the final exam

IF your character should / wants to be involved an is NOT on this list - AIM me or reply to this post! 

As long as a location doesn't have 'closed' written after it, we can add in at least one more person

~~~~~~~~~ Konoha Arena ~~~~~~~~~~

#Hidan battle (Area floor) (closed)

#Pein battle (closed) 
IC!Pein (As Kumo official)
IC!Konan (As Kumo official)
Suna!Sasori (as Suna Official)
IC!Kankurou (as Kazekage)
OOC!Tsunade (As Hokage #1)
OOC!Sasuke (as masked Oto official) 
OOC!Minato (As Hokage the blond)
OOC!Ibiki (As Hokage the paranoid) 

#Deidara battle 

#Trapped in the stands / outside the barrier inside the Arena (no logs for this)

#Evacuating the arena (no logs for this)
OOC! Izumo

~~~~~~~~~~~~  ANBU HQ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Hiden in the lower levels - Hitsuki, Sokouya, OOC!Rin, & OOC!Naruto)
OOC!Kakashi (spots by chance)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Old Apothacary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Jinchou (NPCed)
(spotted by OOC!Iruka and IC!Neji post stadium evac)

~~~~~~~~~~ Konoha maximum Security Facility ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
IC!Kabuto (NPCed)
IC!Tobi (NPCed) 

~~~~~~~~~~ Hospital (nothing happens at hospital) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

11th-Jun-2008 10:28 pm - The Matched for the Chuunin exam
sucks to be you

                           IC!Naruto ___
                                                        IC!Naruto -
                                                    |                       |
                                                    |                       |
                          Ageda Isamu              |
                                                                            | _____________________
                                  Ueda Yui                         |
                                                    |                       |
                                                    |                       |
                                                         Ueda Yui -
              Nakayama Saburou    

                           IC!Sasuke ___
                                                        IC!Sasuke -
                                                    |                       |
                                                    |                       |
                        Kaneko Naoki               |
                                                                            | _____________________        
                          Takeuchi Kiko                        |
                                                    |                       |
                                                    |                       |
  Kono Daiki-|                            |                       
                       |                            |                       
                       |  --- Oto!Naruto   

1st-Jun-2008 11:18 pm - [Mod Note] Event
sucks to be you
Another strange wave of Chakra happens late at night.

In the morning. Everything in the Suna academy is rotated 90 degrees. The Suna offices are also different. Identical furnature, but lighter color.

No other after effects were felt.
medic shirt
Well we have all made it through the first half of the Exams.

Rebuilding is going underway and several people have assignments. The Two active threads for the festival will remain open for a while longer for wrap up.

I need volunteers for cleaning up the chat logs so we can get those posted. Please reply to this with an email address and I will send out chunks of the log.

Konoha was hit hard, but the worst of damage has been avoided.

Please expect posts in another two weeks about the second half of the exams.

If your character needs something to do, Aim me at mabu izumo, and I will come up with something. Plot - it is what I do :)

<3 Alex
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