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OOC! Kamizuki Izumo

Game Wide Plot - update & req for input

Plot - ongoing Akatsuki plot to obtain all Jinchuriki

Characters potentially effected - ALL

Developement - The Akatsuki have captured the 5 tail. The 5 tail proved more difficult than expected and using it's powers of earthquakes (since no canon powers existed for the 5 tail, we went with the mythological powers) it caused massive destruction up to and including destruction of an Akatsuki base and injuries to Pein.

How this has / will effect characters -

IC!Kabuto - He was freed from the prison cell along with several other prisoners.

Jinchou - where abouts are unknown after this event

IC!Pein - Will be letting himself heal at an undisclosed location after the 5tails extraction

Other Akatsuki - Have orders to search out the missing prisoners. This will cause the likely hood of Akatsuki and non akatsuki encounters. If you wish your character to take part in such, please contact myself or leave a reply to this post, preferably with contact info since my avail is limited with the broken laptop)

ANBU and SEBU (those on recon missions this includes ANBU!Sasuke for sure) - Units will begin reporting back Wednesday about a previously unknown Akatsuki base, it's destruction, and signs that there was a battle with the 5tail. That information will not be public unless someone makes it public. Please contact me if you think your character would know about that once the reports are made. I will make every effort before then to inform those who will know that info for sure.

Other Shinobi - With the earthquake and destruction in Iwa and it NOT having a shinobi village, there will be many more missions. many of these will be of a humanitarian issue. Expect to see a mission listing from someone today.

NOW for the input part

What given the status of this plot, please feel free to reply to this with anything you would like to see from this plot. Mission ideas, character development ideas.

More will be coming from this plot, but it is going to take some time to develop, and as always I would love to hear from you as to what you want. GWP happens because of the desire of the players for it, so tell me what you want to see.

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