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Orochimaru's Agenda: A New World Awaits!
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19th-May-2008 10:46 am - Village Status
medic shirt
Areas that have sustained damage:

Forest of Death - about 1/6th of the area has been destroyed
Hospital - Heavy damage to the top west side of the building
ANBU HQ - Medium damage to the east side.  A few rooms are unusable, but nothing horrible
Surrounding area - Several Apartment buildings near the center of the village have been heaivly destroyed.  These inclyde the Hokage residence, IC!Ibiki's place, and the apartment OOC!Rin, OOC!Kakashi, and Oto!Naruto were sharing.
Businesses - The area around Ichiraku has been seriously hurt.  ichiraku is clused for a month at least as is the Yamanaka flower shop (main store)

The rest of the village has taken some damage.  Please assume any and all characters working for Konoha are busy.  There are things to be cleaned up and rebuilt as well as guard duty.  Medics will be working 12 or 16 hour shifts for the next week at least to catch up on the injured.

If you have any specific questions about how this effects your character, AIM me at mabu izumo.  After I wake up from my nap.  

medic shirt
With the attack that happened, only three teams made it past the second stage, they are as following.

Nakayama Saburou
Takeuchi Kiko
Kaneko Naoki

Kono Daiki
Ueda Yui
Ageda Isamu

Joint Konoha / Oto
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto
Uchiha Sasuke
16th-May-2008 05:41 pm - Delenda Konoha Est!
sucks to be you

Events of the 17th

whether these are logs, posts, or threads is up to the people invovled.

Forest of Death

IC!Itachi will be attempting to obtain one of the Naruto. At the minimum this will effect IC!Sasuke, Oto!Naruto, IC!Naruto and IC!Itachi. The attempt will fail, however large portions of the forest will receive damage and some NPCs will die. In the end, Itachi will need to withdraw when the rain stops falling. Players please post a summary of what happens.


IC!Hidan will find the 2 Mist reps he was sent to kill near Ichiraku. End result will cause serious damage to the Ramen stand and other businesses including Yamaka flowers. Feel free to include anyone else. Hidan will need to retreat when or before the rain stops.

Uchiha district

OOC!Tobi will fail to find Hitsuki and OOC!Naruto in the Uchiha district. Feel free to post a report or include anyone else. Retreat will happen when the rain stops

ANBU Building

NPC!Zetsu and IC Kakashi have an encounter at ANBU. Zetsu will escape with some scrolls and significant damage will be done to the ANBU building. IC!Kakashi feel free to post a summary of this event and/or include additional PC -- NPC deal is authorized


Deidara and OOC!Ibiki have an encounter at the hospital. Ibiki will have much backup. Portions of the hospital are damage. NPCs die. The surrounding buildings are damaged including Rin's apartment building AND IC!Ibiki's apartment building. Rin's will be seriously damaged as in unfit for residency. The dogs will be OK though.

Hokage's residnce

Kakuzu destroys the building looking for something, unknown if he finds it, in the process Sokouya is seriously injured and OOC!Jiraiya ends up in a huge fight with Kakuzu. Sokouya ends up in a coma in the hospital


15th-May-2008 09:52 am - Chuunin Exam Announcement
At approximately 3pm, information will begin to filter around the village that  the first stage of the chuunin exams are over.

The number of teams who have passed the exam this year with two Ibiki in the village is smaller than typical only twelve teams passed.  The breakdown being

3 - Konoha
3 - Mist
2- lightning
2 - grass
1 - rain
1 - joint konoha & Oto squad (IC!Naruto, Oto!Naruto & IC!Sasuke)

As is typical, the second part of the exam began directly after the conclusion of the first part.  Everyone who had already been through this process wouldn't be surprised.  Security for the second part is MUCH tougher than normal.

((if anyone wants to post details of either part 1 or part 2, feel free to talk to the respective people in charge of those 2 exams, IC!Ibiki for part 1 and IC!Anko for part 2 ))

The Second stage will continue until the Akatsuki attack on the 17th, everyone RP accordingly.
15th-May-2008 06:58 am - OOC NOTE
1> All Suna Nin contact Alex ASAP about Chuunin plot

 2> Attention OOC!Naruto.  Hitsuki and Naruto have been assigned a guard and will be moved from secure location to secured location for the enxt 3 days.  Either IC!Iruka or an NPC ANBU will be guarding

3> Attention ALL: At 3:26 on the 17th, a STRANGE chakra will be felt through the villge.  At that moment, the rain that had been falling all day will clear

Also please answer my 4 poll questions.
14th-May-2008 07:47 pm - Chuunin Exam Info
medic shirt

Today May 14th is the Day of the festival.  YES it is ONE day

The chat room will be open tonight AND tomorrow night though.  You are also encouraged to take part in the threads for this.  Aim one of your mods for an invite to the chat rooms.  We might not be able to be ACTIVE at all times in them, but one of us should be awake to get you into them.

TOMORROW is the start of the Chuunin exams.
May 15 - THe first stage - Look for a post toorrow about how that went
May 15 (late) - start of stage 2
May 16 - Continuation of stage 2
May 17th - THIS is the day everything bad happens, expect rain and posts very very soon.

We are going to wrap this section of chuunin things up by May 25th

We understand this makes timeline complex, but we will try to be as open as possible for people doing logs set after the 17th
12th-May-2008 09:36 am - The Festival
The Festival

The Festival takes place ICly on May 14th.

The Chat room is now Open it is OAChuuninFestival

Please try and keep chat room post short to make the editing of what will be evil monster log of doom as unevil as possible. If needed we will set up an OOC room as well, and volunteers to help clean the log of this will be appreciated

The thread with everyone's clothes - http://community.livejournal.com/orochi_logs/305469.html
Please AIM one of your mods for an invite - The chat room will remain open as long as there is any interest in it. 

There are also three threads open for people that would rather do things in threads
Thread - Afternoon Thread - Evening Thread - Night

The threads will stay open as long as there is activity in them

Chuunin Exam

List of what people are assigned to - http://community.livejournal.com/orochiagenda/28619.html
Schedule of Rain Days - http://community.livejournal.com/orochiagenda/27148.html
Last major post about the Chuunin Exam - http://community.livejournal.com/orochiagenda/27396.html

As everyone by now should know, there is going to be an Akatsuki attack during the exam.  It will take place on the 17th while it is raining. FYI


Everyone who wants their character to take part in an official catagory of the chuunin exams, sign up HERE.  Respond seperately for EACH character since your assignments will be given out that way. 

Akatsuki ~ Seperate post to be made today


IC!Anko ~ Lead stage 2
OOC!Tsunade - Observation and Formalities
OOC!Minato - Observation and Formalities

SEBU Patrol Unit

NON-SEBU Patrol Units

Squad 1 - OOC!Kakashi &
Squad 2 - IC!Kakashi &
Squad 3 - OOC!Ibiki
Squad 4 - OOC!Jiraiya
Squad 5
Squad 6

Medical Personel
IC!Sakua - Medical Lead on Site 
OOC!Rin - Backup at Hospital ER

OOC!Iruka - tea shop, Spy mission

Police Patrols
OOC!Fugaku - Head of Police forces

medic shirt
FIRST we are working on updating the timelines
PLEASE post your events that need to be added in reply to the appropriate post here


We also have a post up if you need / want to make any comments / suggestions to the Mod Staff
As everyone should more than realize by now, the chuunin exams are coming up.

As such, we have a list of Rain dates coming up

There will be additional posts made about this event.

We are still working out how things will work OOCLY, but here is the outline


IC!Date May 14 - the festival
The 7th to the 14th there will be threads, posts and chat rooms for may 14th the day befor the Chuunin exams. The village will be holding an all day festival.

IC!Date May 15 - Rounds 1 and 2 of the chuunin exams
There will be more information on this soon. from May 13 to May 20 we will have logs, gdocs, threads, whatever it takes to get through the IC events. There WILL be an attack by Akatsuki forces on the forrest.

IC!Date June 15th
This is the FINAL round 3 of the chuunin exams. We will start this a few days before, To be determined. We have a surprise instore so please if you have IC events planned for AFTER June 15th, please talk to me so you have a better idea of what happens Jun 15th. Lets just say, Beware the ides of June. 

sucks to be you

It's going to be raining on and off. Since the Chuunin exams are coming up, and we'll have a lot of logs depending on this then that and such, for the duration of the exams! I am the weather girl!

April - 28, 29, 30
May - 5, 6, 11, 17, 24
June - 1, 6, 15, 16, 28

If anyone needs an additional day poke me, this will be added to the weekly activity check
27th-Mar-2008 12:48 pm - [mod post] update
sucks to be you
This is your general mod post of important information

Activity check - everyone got an extra week. I obviously did not get it posted monday, but it WILL be posted this monday, and It will have a lot of info on it. Please watch for that. In addition to new characters, there are also two characters who have died as a result of the latest Akatsuki plot. Please keep your eyes open for more info.

Chuunin Exam - The first test will be on MAY 15th.  This means that the Final exam will hapen on JUNE 15th. The only confirmed team is IC!Naruto, Oto!Naruto and IC!Sasuke, with OOC!Itachi as captain of the two Naruto and OOC!Izumo as captain of Sasuke.  Security is up for this exam and fell free to have your character's busy because of it.

Festival - The chuunin exam is a showcase of Konoha.  This is a time hen Konoha makes itself seem more impressive so there will be MULTIPLE festivals.  The town will be prettied up and decorated and everything.  There will be the first major festival marking the competion of the second stage on the night of the 18th of May.  There will be weekend and other random festivals until the BIG party for the finals.  Come the finals the village will be loaded with visitors.
A note about your mods.

We want to make something very clear. We are players here too. We want to enjoy the game, and the decisions we make are for the sake of everyone being able to enjoy the game. We are not paid for this, and we both have other things in our lives. We do not randomly make decisions. If your character application or plot application is turned down, it was not without a lot of thought being put in.

If you have any questions about a decision made, we are reasonable in answering, but we are not here to be yelled at or badgered. We are people, with feelings, and we will not tolerate being insulted or harassed. This is a game. It is to be enjoyed. If the game gives you that much stress, you should quit and concentrate on what is important in life. If you continue to badger and harass the mod staff, you will be banned from the game. We don't want to, but we have to.

Alex & Serina
29th-Jan-2008 08:42 pm - NOTE ABOUT MISSIONS
sucks to be you
To all Konoha Shinobi -

Please note. If you are officially a Shinobi (contact a mod if you are not sure) You can get simple missions without mod interaction. If your character is an exception to this rule, you will know it. (Unless you are SEBU or ANBU)

Genin - Random D rank missions
- Rebuilding a section of the village wall
- Painting. Oh so much of the village needs to be painted
- Repairing the training grounds
- weed picking
- Moving boxes of stuff

Chuunin - Random D/C
- Gate duty
- Guard Duty
- Filing! ohh File file file
- escort missions (with or without NPC team mates)

Jounin - C / B
- Be creative :)

Feel free to assign yourself a mission or two as needed!
3rd-Nov-2007 12:04 am - Draft of the FAQ
sucks to be you
This is a draft copy of the FAQ I am working on.  the Konoha information has not been added, but PLEASE if you have a suggestion for that as well, tell me.  I'll be gone much of this weekend so commenting on this is probbaly better then aiming me

25th-Oct-2007 09:45 am - Events at the moment.
sucks to be you
First: What do people think of a FAQ? We're a huge game now with near a year's history.  I was thinking of putting together shortsFAQs like mentining Iwa is in Ruins, Suna is missing and Oro hasn't been in Sound for a year now.  Suggestions?


Who needs something going on?

What IS going on;

~We have something going on with Iwa  - OOC!Lee, OOC!Izumo, Older!Sakura, OOC!Sasuke, & OOC!Itachi are being sent to Iwa

~Akatsuki: Welcome to the hunt for the 4 and the 9 tails.  IC!Itachi, IC!Tobi, IC!Sasori, IC!Leader, and IC!Hidan are ALL near Konoha and spying / possibly confronting.  

~Sound: Nothing at the moment, but open to ideas

If anyone wants to get more invovled, AIM me! at mabu izumo.  I am trying to get players who are not at the moment interacting to interact, so poke me and tell me what your ability is coming up.  Remeber there is a list of all characters and who their players are in the profile of THIS community.

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