Rin! (medic_nin_rin) wrote in orochiagenda,

[Mod Post] Chuunin Exams - The first half Wrap up

Well we have all made it through the first half of the Exams.

Rebuilding is going underway and several people have assignments. The Two active threads for the festival will remain open for a while longer for wrap up.

I need volunteers for cleaning up the chat logs so we can get those posted. Please reply to this with an email address and I will send out chunks of the log.

Konoha was hit hard, but the worst of damage has been avoided.

Please expect posts in another two weeks about the second half of the exams.

If your character needs something to do, Aim me at mabu izumo, and I will come up with something. Plot - it is what I do :)

<3 Alex
Tags: chuunin exam 08
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