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Chuunin Exam Information June 15th

We want to have this finished up by the 20th

On the 15th, the exams begin as normal.  

The see a bracket of the fight, please see here.

In the morning:
Kono Daiki of Mist from  and Uzumaki Naruto (originally from sound) are the first fight.  After Naruto wins.  The next fight is between Ageda Isamu of Mist and Uzumaki Naruto (from this world).  After Naruto wins that fight.  Uade Yui of Mist and Nakayama Saburou of Cloud which is won by Uada Yui of Mist who progresses to the semi finals where she will face up against Naruto from this world.  

Then Uchiha Sasuke from this world fights Kaneko Naoki of Cloud.  He wins this fight advancing to the semi finals.  Then Takeuchi Kiko from Cloud battles against Uzumaki Naruto who had won his extra battle earlier in the day.  Naruto wins this fight as well, advancing to the semi finals to face off against Sasuke.

In the afternoon:
The Semi finals are scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM.  The fight between Uzumaki Naruto and Uada Yui begins at 1:15.    This is interupted at 1:27 when everything goes very chaotic.

Please see this post who who is where. If your character is not on the list but needs to be contact me.

It is up to the participants in a section to decide if they are using threads, logs, or just an OOC hashing out to explain what happens.  Please reply to the appropriate mod started psot with either the thread, a link to the log(s) or a breif description of what happens.

In the Arena
Hidan attacks IC!Naruto
Pein is hidden in the Lightning Country delegation and attacks the kages
Deidara attacks Participant gallery

Jinchou is abducted
IC!Kabuto is abducted - no log
ANBU HQ is attacked

At 1:42 a strange chakra phemomena happens and the attack is called off as quickly as it was begun.  At this point IC!Tsunade appears in the Arena.

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