Orochimaru's Agenda Moderators (oa_mods) wrote in orochiagenda,
Orochimaru's Agenda Moderators

~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Dawn of Ashes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

March 20th was like any other day in Konoha. The village was peaceful and as spring took hold of the village, trees started to flower and children played in the parks. Life was going on as if it were any other beautiful spring day until the movements of shinobi became more pronounced as the sun set.

The dark red sun hanging low in the sky haralded in a darker time. Suddenly as night fell, Akatsuki attacked. Lead by their mysterious leader, Pain, blood and the sound of metal on metal filled the air. Then, as suddenly as it started, it was over. The village remained in place, apparently unharmed. A strange Chakra hung over Konoha though, this Konoha was different. It had never experienced the comings and going of other-worldy copied of it's inhabitants. No, the Konoha that had stood here since the founding was gone, in it's place, a new Konoha stood.

For a time, the residents of both this new Konoha and the world around it did not realize the switch. That was the reason Pain retreated, his masterful jutsu to destroy Konoha had failed and the events needed to be analyzed. But, perhaps it did work. Who would know, for that Konoha is gone and a new one has taken it's place. As day dawns on Konoha, the illusion of normalcy will be shattered as the sun shined on different buildings and people, the latest victims of Orochimaru's Agenda.
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