Orochimaru's Agenda Moderators (oa_mods) wrote in orochiagenda,
Orochimaru's Agenda Moderators

+++++++++ Activity Checks resuming on Friday ++++++++

This is just a courtesy heads up that the first activity check of the restructured com will be on Friday April 1st.

Per the com rules:
2. Journals must be updated at least once every two weeks. Being active keeps a comm alive! This will be enforced. If you have to leave for an extended amount of time, inform the mods and make an away post.

This is your chance.

On Friday characters will be put on the first level of warning, giving them one week to post or be put on the second level of warning. If a post is still not made within one week of that time, your character will be considered dropped for inactivity.

While some characters have been very active, some others have been very inactive. Please post to your character's journal. It is how we keep a community alive and active.
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