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OOC! Kamizuki Izumo

Activity Check 4/1/09

Reminder - The new day for activity checks will be Tuesdays. For the Thanksgiving holiday, The next check will not be until the Tuesday AFTER thanksgiving

Reminder: You must make a journal posting every 2 weeks or you will be placed on the near warning list. After three weeks you will be put on the warning list, and after four weeks considered a drop for inactivity.

If there are ANY errors to this, please aim Alex or reply to this post

Nearing Warning

Uchiha Itachi (Native) - mangek_you
Uchiha Sasuke (New Konoha) - riskofhate
Tsunade (Trio) - hime_hokage

The above characters have until 4/08/09 to become more active or they will move on to the Warning List.

On the profile page, characters on hiatus will now have their names in red for easy reference.</font>
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