OOC! Kamizuki Izumo (mabu_izumo) wrote in orochiagenda,
OOC! Kamizuki Izumo

OOC Note - Upcoming plot

There is an upcoming event that will happen in Konoha involving an Akatsuki attack.

The attack is scheduled for June 24th and will something everyone will quickly know about when it happens, so we will want to have it fleshed out by then.

Essentially the plot is a case of mistaken identity where a hit against mabu!izumo end up potentially killing nk!izumo instead.

Anyone intereted, please reply to this post and I will work with people to try to get as many people as want to be involved involved in some way. however, it is just a Akatsuki hit so it isn't going to be a huge epic battle.
Tags: plot
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