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Orochimaru's Agenda: A New World Awaits!

Orochimaru's Agenda: A New World Awaits
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Naruto RolePlay - Narutoverse Style

Since the formation of the first shinobi villages, wars have been fought and alliances made. Bijuu have been trapped in the bodies of humans called Jinchuuriki. Ninja clans hold dark secrets and alliances and betrayals formed in the dark. Some rise to rule in the light, and others slink into the depths of obscurity. This is the world of Naruto.

However, on the day the Jinchuuriki, Naruto, returns to the village something unexplainable happened. The very fabric of reality ripped and something ... or someone(s) have arrived. These otherworldly versions of people both known and not have arrived and changed the course of the world. Will they be the only ones? Or has this world been altered to make the barrier between this world and others permeable?

For now, there are new people in the world, some with very familiar faces. How will the world's inhabitants react? Only time will tell.

This world was innocent to the plans of another place's Orochimaru -- that does not mean it has not been and will not continue to be invariably altered by those experiments in jutsu better left to gods than mere sannin. The experiments another Orochimaru had violated the world with now affect this one. The acts of a man long vanished bring chaos, but that is the world in which we now live -- forever altered by Orochimaru's agenda.


We have created and modified rules over the course of the community's life to create guidelines on what has been liked and disliked by not only the Mods, but the players as well. While it may seem extensive at first glance, don't let it discourage you! The detail given exists to help answer questions a player might have about a covered topic and to offer clarification that is at one's disposal to view at any time. They are subject to change based on feedback from players and what the Mods see as working or not working for the current members of the community. Our intention is for them to be assistance to the players as a whole and to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable to everyone.

1. Godmoding and metagaming are uncool. Just don't do it.
*Godmoding - When a player takes control of another player's character or a character is somehow invincible.
*Metagaming - Using outside knowledge or rules knowledge to game advantage.

2. Journals must be updated at least once every two weeks. Being active keeps a comm alive! This will be enforced. If you have to leave for an extended amount of time, inform the mods and make an away post.

2a. Stating a character "wouldn't use a journal" has been decided as unacceptable by the mods. This is a LiveJOURNAL roleplay community and journals can even be private for the character. However, they allow the mods and the rest of the community to know what is happening with other characters.

3. Stay in-character for your character. There will be crack and it's likely you will have times that your character will be involved in it, but try to stay in character!

4. Please have AIM for this RP. We will be using AIM for some of our RPing and a majority of our contacting. If for some reason you can't have AIM, be super active in the journals and start action threads! We also now have the option of Google Documents for the purpose of logging.

5. Currently we only allow two characters per player. This is to allow other players to get involved with a character they like and not creating a "hogging" of often popular characters. Choose characters that won't interact much, unless you like RPing with yourself! (But that is not as much fun!)

5a. We require a two week waiting period between each character application from a player. The waiting period starts upon a character's approval and it exists to give each new character adequate time to get settled in and active.

5b. We will allow an extension up to four characters by mod discretion. In order to qualify for the additional characters, we must feel you are adequately keeping active with the characters you already have. That is rping, posting logs, and being active in journals.

5c. Original Characters (OC) can only be applied for by an existing player whom we have seen in play with an IC or AU character.
Requirements to qualify to app an OC: one month as an existing member, 2 journal entries, 2 posted logs, and journal comment activity on other journals.

5d. We require a minimum character age of 12, and do not accept Bijuu as characters. Both due to past playability issues.

6. This isn't TNT. We'd prefer to not "know drama" between muns. We all love to RP and we all love Naruto! Let's get along! If there is an issue between you and another player, try to be reasonable adults and work it out. Contact a mod if some mediation is needed, but this is not a nursery. Leave the drama to real life, and not where it affects the Community. Do not make us have to treat you like children or we may ask you to leave.

7. Yaoi, Yuri, Het, Nonsexual, it's all welcome with open arms. It's your character. Please be open minded to other player's choice of orientation. Say you dislike yuri, just politely don't participate. Everyone has the right to say no, and the Mods do not look kindly to a player being forced into something that is uncomfortable for them.

7a. This goes for posted logs as well. Warnings and summaries exist for a reason, and unless you are a Mod, you don't have a duty to read something that is not in your taste. Practice self-censorship. No one is intentionally trying to ruin your fun, so give that same respect in return. (And if there is intentional harassment, please inform the Mods! We do ask for evidence if possible to allow us to fairly assess the situation.)

7b. We do accept logs of an adult nature. We do ask per LiveJournal rules that any NC-17 material is friend's locked when posted. There's also the option of changing the 'adult content' filter, as seen at the bottom of the Post Entry page, varying from 'No adult content', ''Adult concepts' and 'Explicit content'.

8. Exceptionally serious character drama should be approved by the mods. This includes character pregnancy, deaths, serious diseases, rape/serious sexual abuse, obliteration of villages, wars, use of consistent NPCs brought into the world (Named entities, such as children), highly controversial subjects, etc. Or anything that could spill over into affecting more than two or three consenting played characters. This does not mean your idea will get rejected! In most cases we really just want to make sure everyone involved is on the same page and in consent.
*The approval post is here.

9. At this time we are allowing only two AU characters of each Naruto character. This may change if we decide on it or in special circumstances where we really like the idea and application of a character that already has two AU. If you have a really neat idea for a character that already has two AUs, feel free to app. We might love the idea too!

9a. To show that you read these rules, put the full name and whether your character is IC, AU, or OC in the subject of your application. Otherwise we may overlook it.


Game Design and Style :: Table Updates :: Whipmaster
Best Time Reached: 10am-6pm (EST)
Ser is the current owner of this comm, and generally makes all the final decisions. Although often busy with modly duties or sleeping, Ser attempts to make himself accessible as much as possible. Warning: He is infamous for not using away flags. Go ahead and talk away anyway. He'll see it eventually.
mabu izumo: "Stage one in character approval -- would Sasuke tap that" LOL ♥
AIM Screename: xSharinganHeirx
Journal: ladygith

Activity :: Player Relations :: Event Planning :: Comm-wide Plots
Best Time Reached: 8pm-12am (EST)
Alex is slightly OCD but near always around and more than willing to log. She is Ser's backup for anything Ser needs. Her projects right now are organizing missions and organizing Akatsuki. She also serves as a WoW updater and random bits of humor.
mabu Izumo: Sasuke is so emo he censors himself.
AIM Screename: scribblesITM
Journal: scribblesitm

Recruitment :: Game Design :: Villainous Plots
Best Time Reached: 3pm-11pm (EST)
Sarah is the analytical moderator. She is friendly, and willing to log whenever she is available. She also makes the best villains! (But don't let that scare you!)
AIM Screename: Moonlitdreams104
Journal: saiyaness104

Recruitment :: Plot Maniac :: Player Relations
Best Time Reached: 9am-3am (EST)
Sandy, aka Kaena, is always available for plotting, chatting, and general insanity. A master recruiter, there is a 90% chance she is why you are reading this! She is quite friendly, so feel free to poke her anytime regarding anything as she doesn't bite...often.
AIM Screename: scourgeofthemist
Journal: hoshigaki_kaena

If you have any questions regarding the application process or the game in general, please contact either scribblesITM, xSharinganHeirx, Moonlitdreams104, or scourgeofthemist on AIM or Moderators can be reached via email at oa_mods [at] comcast.net


What is known:
Current World Timeline: Breaks off from manga at the start of Shippuden.
Age estimates for IC characters: Current Team 7 ages - Naruto 15, Sasuke 16, Sakura 16

Strange things have been happening and still no one has discovered exactly why.
AU Characters – Welcome to a New World.


Requested Character List

*Red means character is on hiatus.

Taken Characters - IC
Character Journal
Screen Name
Player Journal
Rock Lee

Taken Characters - AU
Char Journal
Screen Name
Player Journal
Hagane Rin
Haruno Sakura
Hoshigaki Kisame
Namikaze Minato
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke
Uzumaki Naruto
Chyna Rose

Taken Characters - OC
Char Journal
Screen Name
Player Journal
Hasegawa Miyuki
Chyna Rose
Uchiha Akako


Requested Character List
Character Reservation

Read the rules of the community before applying!
Please read the rules regarding applications for Original Characters (OC) if you are planning to app an OC as opposed to an AU character.
Applications can be submitted via comments to this entry or email to: oa_mods {at} comcast.net
**Note: We require a minimum character age of 12, and do not accept Bijuu as characters. Both due to past playability issues.

Your Info
Name: Real name or nickname.
Age: Your age. By LJ rules this is required knowledge for the Comm due to mature content.
E-Mail: A valid e-mail address that we can use for communication.
AIM: An aim screenname we can contact you at.
Livejournal: Your personal livejournal.
Availability: Your personal availability to RP. How committed are you to rping even if you are limited on time?

Character Info
Character: The character you are applying for.
Age: Your character's age. We have a minimum age requirement of 12 for characters.
Gender: Your character's gender. (Mostly applicable for AU and OC)
Sexual Orientation: Your character's sexual preferences.
IC, AU, or OC: Is your character game world canon, alternate universe, or original? (FAQ: Is my character IC, AU, or OC?)
Preferred Log Tag: Choose a tag for logs that describes your character. (Ex: oto!naruto) AU!, IC!, and OOC! are not acceptable.
Current Affiliation: The village or organization your character is affiliated with at the time of creation, if any. For Akatsuki and other missing nin, include original village.

Personality: This is the most important part of the app. Please describe how your character acts, their likes and dislikes, positive attributes and flaws. Be specific. We want to make sure you know who they are. Two paragraph minimum, please.

Background: Your character's biography. Describe your character's past and how it affects their life and their future. If your character is IC and does not have a fully established canon background, please fill in the gaps so we can get an idea how you see the character's life up to this point. Example: IC Hidan (Written pre-databook 3)

Physical Description: Describe how your character looks. What distinguishing traits or features do they have physically?

Ninja Information - If your char has no ninja/fighting skills, skip this section
Official Rank/Special Rank: (i.e. Sennin, Jounin, Elite/Specialized Jounin, Chuunin, Genin, Academy, Civilian)/(i.e. ANBU, Special Forces, Hunter-nin, etc)
Chakra Elemental Affinity: (Note that canonly only Jounin+ or those with special bloodlines have more than a single affinity)
Does your character favor a weapon and/or fighting style?
Does your character specialize in any of the following: Ninjutsu (hand seals), Genjutsu (Illusionary), Taijutsu (hand to hand combat), Kuchiyose No Jutsu (Summoning technique)
Bloodline/Clan: An optinal entry, but if they have one, it must be listed and described here. This includes any bloodline techniques they currently possess.
Statistics: Please fill out the number for each ability for your character to the best of your ability so that we may see how you view your character's abilities. (Range 0-5, can use decimals) Formatting is unnecessary and only used here for ease of viewing.
Ninjutsu (Ninja Arts): 4 Taijutsu (Hand to Hand): 2.5
Genjutsu (Illusions): 1.5 Intelligence: 2
Force (Power): 4 Speed: 3.5
Stamina (Chakra Amount): 5 Seals: 1
Shippuden Naruto's stats are given with Orange as an example.
Statistics of Canon characters can be found here.

Writing Samples
Choose one of the following four prompts, or we'd love for you to come up with your own:
-Your character is challenged by a random shinobi. He looks strong, and more than a little psychotic. What does your character do?
-Your character wakes up in bed with Sasuke. How does your character handle the situation? What are their thoughts on how it happened and what happened?
-A high ranking person of another village or organization confronts you and attempts to persuade you to spy on your own village and give up information. The threat of not doing such is death. What does your character do? How do they handle the situation?
-You encounter Sakura drinking at the bar. She seems pretty wasted and is depressed about Sasuke's treatment of her and his attitude. She turns to you for comfort and affection. How do you handle it and what happens?

RP Example: Third person writing sample. Describe the situation in the prompt and how your character interacts in the situation. Please include your characters emotions and thoughts so we can get a better idea of how you would play the character in an RP setting.

Journal Post Example: First person writing sample. Write a journal entry that your character would write regarding the events from your chosen prompt in the RP Example. Remember this is a journal entry, not a roleplay scenerio. Please show your ability to stay in your character.

Comments/Questions: Anything you wish to ask the Mods or any comments or information you wish us to know. Also a great place to mention where you heard about OA or whom you know that plays!

If you have any questions regarding the application process or the game in general, please contact either scribblesITM, xSharinganHeirx, Moonlitdreams104, or scourgeofthemist on AIM.


Community Graphics by saiyaness104.